ARAON Fisheries Association Corp.

Araon seeks the best quality and safe food. It produces a variety of processed products by supplying marine products directly cultivated in the southern coast of the clean area. In order to sell bulk-form abalone, algae, seaweed, and semi-dried fish as high-value added products, the company has a cooperative of 5 or more members to gain an edge in the supply of raw materials.

Araon Product Introduction

We supply seafood product formed directly from the waters of the South Coast to produce a wide range of processed products.


Araon Shopping Mall

ARAON Fisheries Association Corp. is a local company with headquarters in Suncheon and abalone farming in Cheongsan Island. We sell abalones, seaweeds, seagrass, etc., and we sell only the best aquatic products at good quality and reasonable price.”
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